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DESCRIPTION: This Motorcycle Tour with Escort with fulcrum in Trieste is an invitation to explore the territories that have been part of Venezia Giulia (eastern Friuli and part of the Gorizia region with the karst plateaus between Vipacco and Idria in Slovenia, Trieste and its karst hinterland up to the Timavo and the Istrian peninsula) by deepening visits with qualified guides from the cities of Trieste and Ljubljana, capable of uncovering artistic and architectural beauties. Some meals and/or tastings of Central European cuisine are included. There will, of course, be no shortage of motorcycle fun with selected routes away from the tourist routes and highways.

DAY 1 - Meet with the group in Trieste at H15:00. COVERED MOTORCYCLE PARKING INCLUDED 24H. Accommodation in B&B. Meeting with qualified guide for a tour of the region's most international city, suspended between a glorious past as "little Vienna by the sea" and a cosmopolitan city present. It is a mix of cultures, styles and flavors. On excursion possible stop at one of Trieste's historic cafes for coffee tasting. A sunset over the sea is not to be missed. Overnight stay.

DAY 2 - Breakfast. Today we will explore Istria, the peninsula with an Italian heart that lies beneath the Gulf of Trieste. A land of strong contrasts that alternates hilly areas with unforgettable views of the sea. The roads, full of curves and hairpin bends, will accompany us as we pass through small villages of the Istrian hinterland with evocative panoramic stops on the sea. In the evening, return to Trieste. Dinner in a brewery with a Mitteleuropean menu. Overnight stay.
- For those who do not wish to drive, we recommend a visit to Miramare Castle, commissioned by Maximilian of Habsburg as a princely residence. The place turns out to be fairy-tale-like, not only because of the white towers silhouetted against the sea but also because of the beautiful park that surrounds it.

DAY 3 - Breakfast. Our motorcycle trip continues in Slovenia. Today we take you on a discovery of its capital city. Our approach to Ljubljana will obviously not be trivial but will pass through an exceptional landscape included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Upon arrival we will be met by a qualified guide who will take us on a tour of Slovenia's largest and most important city. We will see Congress Square, one of the most important squares in Ljubljana; Preseren Square, Ljubljana's central square where the elegant Church of Mary of the Annunciation is located; The Three Bridges area with the Dragon Bridge, which is one of the finest examples of art nouveau architecture in all of Europe; St. Nicholas Cathedral, an important cultural and artistic monument; the Town Square with the Town Hall and the Three Rivers Fountain; and the Shoemakers' Bridge. Lunch in a typical Gostilna. In the afternoon, return to Trieste via a fantastic route of curves&scapes that will take your breath away. The landscape, covered with vineyards and orchards, with views of karst plateaus and pleasant villages has also been recognized by Lonely Planet, which has included the area in its list of the best destinations to visit in Europe. Arrival in Trieste in the evening. Overnight stay.

DAY 4 - Breakfast. Release of rooms and departure along the beautiful and scenic "coastal" road to then plunge into the Karst area, unique for its nature and history. Ascent to Mount San Michele-very well known thanks to the poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti, who fought here for several months-the scene of very hard battles on the Isonzo front. It is possible to visit the open-air museum of the peak, fundamental for the defense of the Isonzo front and in particular of the city of Gorizia (it is also possible to visit the interactive museum, a truly unique immersive experience thanks to interactive multimedia tools and contents capable of conveying information and emotions inherent to the events of the Italian-Austrian front). We will then move on to Gradisca d'Isonzo, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy to reach Cormons, a beautiful Hapsburg-style town and the main center of Collio, where we will say goodbye with a tasting of typical products. END SERVICES.

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